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Jodi is a transplanted Hoosier who now resides in Okie Land.  Jodi attended Indiana University where she made the Dean's List and graduated with a BS in Elementary Education.  She spent two years as a junior high teacher and three years working in special education.  Jodi began learning the television production trade by pitching in and helping Mark strike the events that he worked.  Jodi often joins Mark in his work with the Professional Bull Riders where she serves as his utility.  When not chasing Mark around an arena, Jodi can be found out on the farm nurturing her flower beds and working in the garden.  During the colder months, Jodi enjoys crafting items to give to family and friends.  Jodi's passions and hobbies include needlework, photography, reading, and gardening.  Above all of these, Jodi's highest passions and first priorities are her faith in God and her love for her wonderful husband, Mark.

Jodi Voyles

Mark is a native Okie and a member of the Chickasaw Nation.  He is also a proud member of the Lutheran Church (LCMS).  Mark works for the City of Edmond Fire Department as the technology coordinator.  In his freelance videography work, Mark can often be found on the sidelines shooting sporting events.  Mark appreciates the travel opportunities that his freelance work affords him and enjoys capturing the places he visits in photos.  Mark also enjoys the outdoors.  In his rare free time, he enjoys kayaking and camping.  He spends most of his outdoor time and "free" time working on the farm.  Mark works hard to balance his careers and passions, the greatest of which is his beautiful wife, Jodi.  Jodi often accompanies Mark in his travels, and he feels blessed to be able to share his experiences with the love of his life.

Mark Voyles 


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