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Photo a Day Challenge

Looking for a way to expand your creativity?  Join Mark and Jodi in the Photo a Day Challenge.  It's a great way to get out there and look at things from different perspectives.  Challenge yourself to capture subjects you may not usually be drawn to.  Play with the settings on your camera.  Be creative.  Don't worry about taking a perfect picture.  Some of our best shots were "mistakes" or taken on the "wrong setting".  Find a platform (instagram, facebook) to share your photos.  Encourage your friends to get involved by taking their own photos or commenting on yours.  We know from our experience, that we often take very different photos of the same subject.  It helps us to grow as photographers to see how our partner viewed the subject and captured the photograph.  You can view some of our photographs below.  

And TuffyButterfly Farm

Mark's interest in photography began at a young age.  His dad gave him his first camera, and he was hooked from day one.  Through the years, Mark has learned and grown with the changing technology, from developing his own film to using digital photography and editing programs to craft his art.

Likewise, Jodi's interest in photography began in her childhood and has grown over the years from taking film-based photographs of family vacations to working with digital media, lighting, and subject arrangements to create a photograph.

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